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Welcome to the 21st Century Leadership Symposium

for executive leaders of nonprofit organizations

What We Are About

Nonprofits must compete for every dollar that’s donated with very little help for Senior Executives at the top of the organization. While religious nonprofits have support groups to network with each other to achieve their common good, the same cannot be said for most secular nonprofits locally, regionally, and nationally.

The 21st Century Leadership Symposium is designed for leaders of nonprofit organizations, including Executive Directors, Executive Management, and Development Directors at the top of their nonprofit institutions.

The Symposium will include a monthly cohort of 15 to 18 people that will meet in person for 13 months. Each session will include an educational topic for discussion, time to share and exchange ideas, solve problems, and build alliances with your fellow cohort members in a safe and confidential environment.

Cohorts will be held in-person for nonprofit leaders located in the Southern California area. Executives seeking to attend that reside outside of the Los Angeles area will be able to join via video conferencing.

In addition, each cohort member will receive a one-on-one zoom or in person meeting with one of the leaders of the program each month for individual coaching.

Program Overview

Who Should Attend?

Membership is open to Executive Directors, Senior Executive Management, and Executive Development Directors of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Each cohort is limited to 15-18 participants.

By attending this program, you will:

Program format

The 21st Century Leadership Symposium is a guided learning community where we will support each other on our learning journeys. The program will meet monthly for about 2 hours. Each meeting will include a discussion of the curriculum, information sharing, networking, problem-solving, and consulting to generate actionable ideas.

In addition, each member of the cohort will have a one-on-one zoom session with one of the two session leaders each month.